1:1 Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching can help you bring present moment awareness into your journey, so that you can shift out of worry, fear, stress and anxiety and into a space of trust, acceptance and growth.

What you will gain from mindfulness coaching:

  • Self awareness and growth
  • Shifts in thinking that will reveal fresh percpectives
  • Inner trust tath will empower you in you journey
  • Tools that help illuminate blind spots so you can see new possibilites
  • Confidence in your self and your choices

Every session includes:

  • Intake forms will be sent to you so that I can gain a better understanding of your expectations from our coaching sessions.
  • All meetings are sixty (60) minutes in length and can be done in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing (ie. Skype, Facetime)
    Coaching sessions are client-led conversations. I do not come with an agenda. The conversations are directed by you and I will support whichever direction you take the conversation.
  • “Home Experiments”. It can enhance your development and further your growth
  • 100 % support of you and the life that you wish to create
  • A safe space where you can show up, be seen, and be supported

What each Coaching call looks like:

  • Every call begins with a centering meditation: This helps you get out of their head and more into their hearts, so that you (and I) can become more present during our session.
  • I will ask questions that will stimulate a new view of your journey that will foster healing and growth.
  • I will make connections and address patterns that may be influencing the way you are processing your story.
  • A follow up email will be sent to you at the end of every session that includes what we discussed and any exercises and strategies that we agreed you try.
  • I am available for additional support between calls via text and email.


Calgary-based Coaching Programs

Yoga Nidra & Meditation Class

I teach a weekly Yoga Nidra & Meditation class at Puraveda Yoga Studio. For dates and times, visit PuraVeda Class Schedule

**Please note: the Yoga Nidra and Meditation class is not specific for loss, but I always work from a loss informed lens.

Monthly Local Social for Pregnancy or Infant Loss

I host a local social gathering every second Wednesday of the month. This gathering is an opportunity to connect with others who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss in a casual setting and offline.

For more information click here.

Calgary Locations

I offer in-person appointments at the following Calgary locations:

Puraveda Yoga Ayurveda and Wellness:
#202, 11540 24th Street SE Calgary (Douglas Glen Square)
(see on google maps)

Dr. For Moms Perinatal & Pediatric Natural Health Centre:
#120, 3820 Brentwood Road NW Calgary, AB T2L 2L5
(see on google maps)

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