Teach Children Mindfulness

Children today are more stimulated than ever before. They are becoming accustomed to the fast pace of the world, leaving them with little time to build their confidence.

Would you like support in building your childs self esteem and expanding their self awareness?

My sessions will help you create age appropriate mindfulness tools for your child, to gently bring an accepting attitude into their present moment. These tools will help your child manage the adversities that are associated with growing up.

Why Mindfulness?

While the benefits of mindfulness can be appreciated at any age, there is more and more research about the benefits of mindfulness and children.

Research has shown that mindfulness helps children set the foundation to help manage stress, anxiety, fear, worry, ADHD symptoms, and aggression.

What Mindfulness Will Provide Your Child:

  • Self awareness and growth
  • Management of anxiety and stress that is associated with new developmental milestones
  • Inner trust that will empower them as they grow
  • Self regulation
  • Confidence in themselves and their choices
  • Increased Focus and concentration
  • Deeper empathy for self and others

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