About me

Learn More about My Mission and My Work

About me

Learn more about my mission and my work​

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My Mission

My mission is to continually use my voice and experience to bring to light this historically brushed over topic; breaking biases for those experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth and infertility. 

It is my mission to begin to deepen the dialogue around:

Society tends to believe that infertility, pregnancy and infant loss is something that happens and you move forward from. The reality is, the impacts are profound and lifelong; it is carried with families through every step of their parenting journey.

Most support available for those experiencing infertility, pregnancy and infant loss is targeted to the initial grief part of the experience. Through her work, Aditi has seen that there is a lack of support for the parts of the journey that comes after the first 3-6 months post loss such as trying to conceive, pregnant again and parenting through loss. These parts of the journey are deeply impactful and deserve the space to be discussed and supported.

1 in 4 people will be impacted by loss. This includes the birthing person, their partner, grandparents, siblings and support people. It also includes those that identify within racialized and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. It is Aditi’s mission to create a dialogue around the deeper impacts that people who are underrepresented in this space experience.

Credentials and Experience

I’m a certified coach and founder/CEO of the registered charity, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre. I’m also the co-founder of Seeds of Growth, Grief Education Inc. an ICF accredited coaching program and Board Co-Chair of Skipping Stones Foundation, empowering trans and gender diverse youth and adults

Founder of Seeds of Growth

Founder of Seeds of Growth, Grief Education (ICF accredited coaching program): Through the success of my coaching model, I created a coach certification program, training others to provide meaningful support to the loss community.

Diversity and Inclusion Expert

As a queer woman of colour, my work is centered around how to build equitable spaces for all people impacted by pregnancy and infant loss.

Typically parenting, birthing and loss spaces are geared toward heterosexual, cisgendered, and white women. While that is a lot of who makes up the community, there are many others that don’t fit that profile.

I help to facilitate difficult conversations around who is actually impacted by loss, how marginalized communities are at highest risk of poor health and social outcomes, and how we can create equitable bereavement spaces for all.

Community Builder and Advocate

At the heart of who I am, I am a community builder and advocate.

I started the PILSC charity as one person who recognized the gaps in support for the pregnancy and infant loss community and took the brave step to try and fill the gaps.

My genuine heart, authenticity, non judgmental approach and ability to hold space for people’s truth has led me to build a large community. Since 2016 I have built a community that includes thousands of families of all loss experiences, ethnic backgrounds, faiths, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Certified Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach

I have supported hundreds of individuals and couples through reproductive loss, infertility, miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (TFRM), stillbirth, neonatal loss, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, missed adoption and loss through surrogacy. I have provided coaching support through initial grief, trying to conceive, pregnant again and parenting with loss.

Founder and CEO of Registered Charity

Since its foundation in 2018, my charitable work sees 210% growth year after year. I have secured $550,000+ in fundraising efforts and grants with my business partner Danyelle Kaluski. In a few short years the charity that I have founded has quickly become a leading organization in best practices of equitable bereavement support.

We currently have over 75 volunteers and 15 paid staff working alongside us as we work to support hundreds of families annually.

Government Advocate on Bill 17

As an expert in the field I have advocated for systemic change for the loss community at the government level.

Most recently I advocated on Bill 17: Expanded bereavement leave which was recently passed due to my advocacy efforts. I was a key stakeholder who encouraged the Bill to be more inclusive in its language, including termination for medical reasons and abortion:

"Minister Madu (Minister of Labour and Immigration) said he proposed his change after talking to stakeholders including Aditi Loveridge, founder and CEO of the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre. Loveridge met with the government after reviewing the words of Bill 17 after it was introduced last month. She has called on Madu to make the language as broad and inclusive as possible"  ~Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News