Mala beads are beads that are traditionally used in prayer and/or meditation. They are also a tangible reminder of our deepest intentions. Whether you use them to pray or meditate on, for affirmations, or simply wear as a reminder, mala necklaces are a powerful tool to nurture your highest power.

My mala necklaces have 108 beads made out of Rudraksha seeds. Rudraksha seeds are traditional beads used in India and are considered a very holy and protective seed. Medicinally they are known to: heal many of the mind & body ailments, be cooling when worn against the skin, reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure, increase mental clarity, memory & general awareness, calm the central nervous system, quiet the mind & free one from negative thoughts, increase immunity, energy & stamina, and rejuvenate the entire mind & body.

My mala necklaces are enhanced by the addition of crystals beads, furthering your deepest of intentions.

~I carefuly choose crystal beads to enhance each mala with a powerful intention

~I smudge each Rudraksha seed and crystal to clear any negative energies that might be present

~I mindfully string the mala keeping its intention in mind

~I include a detailed write up of what each crystal signifies, it’s healing properities and how each supports the mala’s intention

I am extremely passionate about deepening your spiritual practices. As a life coach, mindfulness meditation teacher and healer, it would be an honour to support you on this journey.

May your mala support your deepest of intentions and provide you with a tangible reminder of your innate resilience and strength.

Get a custom mala

Order a custom mala from me by filling in your details below. Once I have reviewed the information you submit, I will email you back with a price quote and invoice. Please note, these are custom malas made individually for you and are not pre-made, ordered online, or made somewhere else. I make each mala necklace by hand.

  • What is your intention with your custom mala?
  • What color scheme would you like? (choose all that apply)
  • What filler do you want to use?
  • Is there anything else you want to discuss regarding this order?
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